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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 31, 2015 12:05am-1:06am EDT

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♪ it was yesterday around this time that we went live to alison parker. >> we were focused on controlling our staff. >> banding together, we go inside the news room of the crew murdered on live tv. then -- >> we already have our own man. we don't sleep in the same bed. used ashley madison. >> an adult film star with josh duggar. an exclusive, bobbi kristina's exat the grave site. >> the ars, the video only seep here. was the pain real or staged? also -- >> going wite the photo bombing double date with crawford, and tracy morgan's i do ease 14 months after the horrific ld,cr. >> sofia dishes about who helps
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plan her wedding with joe. >> reese witherspoon initially offered to help, but chickened . >> our exclusive. >> i've been there for him all his life. we don't know about tomorrow. ♪ i don't drink ♪ >> we're on set with carrie underwood, her new video after baby. >> i'm not going to sit back and do a whole album of mommy songs. >> our take onthis week's top stories. hello, everyone, thank you for joining us. >> right to the latest hollywood news. >> new controversy this week over coverage of the tv traged. >> the daily news and the post are facing public outrage today. >> thursday's papers, which we have blurred, show freeze frames of the killings. sharing anger, have you taken leave of your senses? martha, how dare that be your reporter. and montel williams, i am
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boycotting the daily news. the daily news says they published the images, quote, to convey the true scale of what happened in roe nothianoke. from outrage to grief, outside the news room, , hug, and an on-air tribute. >> it was yesterday around this time we went live to alison parker andtears adam ward. please join us now in a moment of silence. lence, you remind everyone f that we will not forget you. >> sort of the simontantra has been let's grieve, but do our job. >> outpouring of grief with people coming from all over the state, really, to bring flower grieving the loss of the two young journalists. >> meteorologist was emotional
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throughout the day, sharing memories of the camera man and a alison parker. >> when i was younger, i wanted to be a doctor or a pharmacist, but as a journalist, i get to cover those types of deals, so it's close enough. >> and the story has a social twist. >> in all my years prosecuting felonies, specifically murders, i have never seen anyonemedia r live tweet the actual murder. it goes to his frame of mind. many people would argue he was tempy insane. i would argue he had a desire to be known, to be seen, to be noticed. >> next, the love orarilstory, victims in new relationships. >> hey, everyone, i'm alison parker. >> alison just moved in with one of her on air colleagues at the station, anchor chris perth. >> she made me these photo albums, the pictures from the first six months of the relationships, and it was my job to put pictures in here and to
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make a scrapbook for the next six months. >> adam ward had done sports reporting. >> in sales, adam ward, news 7 sports. >> engaged to morning news melissa, who watched it all unfold. it was her last day on the show. she was about to start a new job in charlotte and ward was going with her. recently, she participated in a makeover. in his final moments, ward may have captured critical evidence. >> as he dropped the camera, the last image that he captured in life is that of his killer. >> jeff marks, the manager, revealed when flanagan was fired, police had to literally remove him from the station. our thoughts and our s go out to the victims' families and everybody involved. we have to move on now. it's been a big week in the world of celebrity news. we have a full wrap up to get p eventful few days. josh duggar in sex rehab?
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it is here at reformers anon in rockford, illinois where the disgraced reality star is believed to have checked in for a long term program. looks beautiful and peaceful at the christian treatment center, but the regimen seems strict. one sample schedule, 4:30 a.m. wakeup call, 5:30 deveegss, a long workday, and chapel. 9:00 p.m., study, fellowship, andm time to relax. angry, offended family member says, quote, josh was caught with his hand in the cookie jar, and i hope it's broke in the rehab and gets help the he need. josh's name was, of course, exposed in the ashley madison hacking scandal. the website that hooked up peop affairs is now coming to tv. ♪ ashley madison. >> the timing is right by having our main character be a woman. we get to change not just the
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dialogue about why people stray from their marriages, but the lens from which it's felt. >> hey, everybody, i just wanted to say hi. >> 28-year-old adult film star alleges she had sex with josh on two separate occasions. both times while his wife, anna, was pregnant with the couple's fourth child. >> i'm about to take a ower. >> telling in-touch magazine that duggar approached her in a strip club where she performed in mid-march. >> showed up, said, i'm a shn, followed your work for years, and offered to pay her $600 for a lap dance. and then proceeded to ask herfa for sex. he said he paid $1600. she agreed, went to the hotel, it was consensual, but then it turned violent. she was terrified. in the end, he dropped $1,000 on the table and walked out the
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door. next, did snooki have an account? >> we don't have romance, as of now, we're not even sleeping in the same bed. >> one links the husband to ashley madison, oddly enough, in snooki's podcast, she talks about josh duggar -- >> his wife is standing by him, like, what's [ bleep ] wrong she denied the story posting this on instagram, quote, i really didn't even want to acknowledge this absurd story, but when my family is bashed >> no reason, mama bear's going to say what's up. >> snooki talked to kevin about the relationship shortly after the birth after their second fo child. >> snooki, how do you keep love alive? >> we have moments where we never see each other, which sucks. >> and another reality star ied to real housewives star told e.t. he did sign up for ashley madison. he denied it at first, but told fo with a group of friends and
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deeply apologize for any embarrassment or pain i brought to my wife and , ifamily. >> i think i'd rather be -- >> so your job is more important than your wife? that's great to ear. >> i did a ton of reflecting. we've been to therapy. you know, i'm, you know, for josh and i, it was, like, it was, you know, a little bit of a bump in the h >> i really haven't reached out in any way because what i do really say? i know she's been through a road.m finalizing my divorce go through my own stuff right now. >> splitting after it was revealed he had an affair. >> men stray and i' women stray. i think the reason is unhappiness within themselves, and they think by having an affair it's going to soothe , they can feel better, but it doesn't. >> to happy couple's news, george clooney's party overseasm wearing a gold metallic mini
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dress, and george was joined by his long time friend to promote their tequila company. george photo bombed the couple's romantic couple. >> the island is the party capital of the world playing perfectly into the marketing of the high end tequila trying to sell the celebrity lifestyle, sex, fame, and fashion. >> moving on to another big headline, cameron? >> samantha, the old stomping grounds, "dancing with the stars" making announcements. i was up early on thursday as they joined the new crew. we were about to make "dancing with the stars'" history. way better than a drum roll from spy kids and her husband from big time rush. that is a way to make an
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announcement, am i right? yeah! at dind, announced on entertainment tonight. >> so awesome. >> on my birthday. >> it's your birthday? >> it's my sneylabirthday! >> first married couple to star. that's a big deal. >> will you be competitive? >> yes. >> i'm rooting for my sband. i think he's great. >> what was it about the show that made you guys want to do it? >> oh, you know, i think the opportunity to work with my wifu was, like, kind of almost the number one because we love spending time together, almost two years married, it's fresh, it's going. >> james did dancing with the star stars, did you get tips? >> i sent a picture of the sho and he laughed. >> he just laughed. >> said, good luck, man, it's tough. i was, like, great. >> how tough is it? announced contestan contestants. >> the judges are more than crocodil
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crocodiles. they are so knowledgeable, supreme athlete, and i'm just this girl from australia who's used to crocks. >> she's been in the spotlight since a few weeks old, appearing to her late father, the crocodile hunter. >> i'm going to be just like my daddy. >> sitting down for exclusive interview at thnext family zoo us trail why hinting that hollywood might play a bigger role in her future. >> i certainly think that more filming work is yete to come. there's a lot on the horizon, i lot more i want to do. this is lovely here, and minty is the australian icon. >> seeing the young animal lover come into her own through the year, starring on shows focused on wildlife conservation as well as two hollywood films. >> i knew you could doit! >> you know, throughout my life, i've learned that if you want to be a well-rounded person in general, just say yes to huge opportunities in your life. >> now that she said yes to the
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challenge of wrangling this, she might be challenged by thethese costumes as well. >> i certainly love trying styles and having fun getting dressed up, but this will be a part of who i am. >> "dancing with the stars" season 21 kicks off monday, september 14 th. the first results show is the following week on the 22 pd. still to come, stars of "empire," cookie after hospitalization. >> how are you balancing everything else? >> plus, newly engaged costars. >> do you discussding plans? >> we talk about everything. >> the other cast love fest after a torque fest. >> we didn't plan it. >> she threw wed that. >> we didn't plan it. >> she threw wed that. ♪ the new fall collection. white house black market shift wia disaster.rough a my bargain detergent couldn't keep up, so i switched to tide pods.
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welcome back, body. remember this instagram from june, cookie on "empire," posting it after being hospitalized for exhaustion. that is herevery arm hooked up iv. this is serious. the message, quote, god has a
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way of saying you're doing too much, and she was, but she's back sitting down with kevin. >> how are you balancing everything now? >> when i have days off, i just don't do anything. i just -- i stayhome. i have things delivered. and i just chill. >> you lay low? >> i do. >> red carpet's hosting saturdy night live, magazine covers, doing too much wore her down, and now it's back to focusing on cookie and "empire" season two. >> this is about us making the empire. >> how is cookie going to keep this crazy, dysfunctional family together? >> with a whole lot of love. they can love each other one minute, hate each other the next, but less something go wroy forget all their differences. >> and since this emmy nominee's life is hectic, dating is not easy easy. love in your life, has it changed now? >> oh, i'm married now! oh, that was the dream i had
12:23 am
ht. >> there's two brides-to-be, her costars are getting married, ang saying yes to her d.j. boyfriend. >> congratulations on your engagement. >> thank you. >> you too, darling. >> thank you. >> do you two discuss, like, wedding plans or anything like that, or do you discuss any of the stuff going on, kind of fun to have e? >> i think it's fun to -- i mean, katie's my boo, friends no matter what. >> that's awesome. >> i think it's -- wesomeonalk t everything. >> yeah? >> like sex. ♪ >> and who could t forget theegd twirking in the performance at the teen choice awards. >> we didn't plan to, -- >> you threw it. >> did she? you let it go.
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>> i did not. >> my baby but loves me. >> i love you. i love you. >> here's a little repeat performance kevin posted on his instagram. ♪ i'm going to love you, baby ♪ going to hug you baby >> if you wonder where was howard, word from his rep, unavailable this week, and judge ruled on his divorce case with his ex, and she accuses him of . he denied it. the judge said the restraining order against him continues and this will go to trial. up next, inside this ekend's vmas, before the big show, and since miley's the host, who thought it could go wrong? we everyone. >> prepared for every situation to come up. >> reflecting back to the yeah
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monday on "e.t.," taylor,
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britney, miley -- >> so amazing hits. >> vma's fashion faceoff with our style queen. >> should have seen the details on her boots, you guys. >> and the pop star who broke our seat heater. >> plus -- >> an amazing performance. >> demi after hitting the stage as bieber brings sexy back. did he go too far? monday on "e.t." all right, every time miley cyrus takes the stage at the vmas, she makes headlines, so, of course, mtv let her host the whole thing. >> after all the ruckus caused, who thinks she'll behave this time? come on, it's miley. here's all the prep leading up to the show, while we said, what could possibly go wrong? [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> this got us thinking about the censors working overtime asr
12:28 am
feed this week. her tongue out and riding a ki fitten suspended in midair. anything could happen. >> i don't tell people what i'm and you hope they don't find out. >> looks to us the vmas are r-rated. this is what she told us last year why anything goes. >> this it the place they can be the most expressive, and so i think that there's not a lot of boundaries issue and so the line that is very thin line -- >> you can go over it. is >> yeah. it's drawn further and further away every year. ♪ everybody get up >> that line got oated in 2013, the year miley went naughty.bliter >> concerns of a repeat performance, they asked advertisers to carefully weigh decisions to sponsor the vmas. >> you know, she chose her, i have ndoubt, because of her
12:29 am
sort of shocking stage presence. they could have chosen a taylor swift who i thinko would have been more subdued, probably a little responsible. clearly, part of the reason we are concerned about this year is because of what we've seen in the past. >> they have a point. however, these calls for advertisers to boycott rarely work. >> preps underway this week at .a. live, but even the producers of the show admit it's hard to prepare because miley is so unpredictable. >> on kimmel, she says she's pulling stuff you don't know about. how do you prepare for something so unpredictable? >> she means it in a playful way. she's not coming on to do anything to sort of, you know, do something that's going to hurt the show. >> it's just been so awesome, and pretty much let me do whatever i want, which is pretty crazy. >> we'll find out on monday if mi miley's antics tops the bigge
12:30 am
vmas in history, which was the yearst 2000. >> the britney we fell in love with, 18 years old, a dance machine, toned, skinny, turning sideways, you miss her, out to prove the world -- >>. ♪ i'm not that innocent >> st the performance in a tux, and then she stripped it off and was wearing this nude colored body suit covered in sequence, and for a minute there, everyone kind ofarting t she was naked. this was a turning point for her career between the fashion and amazing dance moves, shedding the mickey mouse image proving to us she was all grown up. ♪ you may hate me >> the most memorable andperfo of slim shady. ♪ may i have your attention please ♪ ♪ will the real slim
12:31 am
shady please stand up ♪ >> an army of look alikes in radio city music hall, dyed hair of platinum black, and hewon video of the year. >> j-lo won, and her man at the time was a guy named pucket. >> a big couple's night that night. britney and justin were an item at that point. >> hot entertai tonight! >> 15 years ago, queen b was part of destiny's child. >> being here is definitely anm highlight, nominated for three awards. >> yeah, for real. we're survivors. we're still here. >> that's right. >> kate hudson wasthree months away from marrying chris robertson. >> that's the ring, madly in love, and we're so happy and having a great time. >> and this is what the rock looked like. >> i met jennifer lopez. that's one down. i had not met her. >> we have the breakdown of the st vma looks, but no
12:32 am
fashion tops the most bizarre event of the vma's 2000. >> accepting thecrazyiaward for best rock, rage against the machine climbed up a fake palm tree and refused to come down. there was absolute chaos on stage, and the audience called for him to jump. he ended up spending the night in jail. >> just raised on top of the thing, and just trying to be careful, unbelievable that that happened. i'm a little shaky right now, like, i'm overwhelmed. >> yeah. >> i don't know what to think. >> now we have a full wrap up of the vmas, including the always exciting fashion. nday.not wait, and that's on coming up, the new final photo shoot before her wedding to joe. >> she thought it was a very sexy dress for a sexy mobride. >> then clooney, matt damon, the secret of hollywood couples, how he fell in love with his wife.
12:33 am
>> i don't know, like the room lit up. >> that's coming up. >> but first, we love her quadruple hits, and now back with the fifth album titled "i am." >> it's a strong after( fir ration for me, and really you can find anything by it. so empowered, any message you send, it's going to give you sa of the album's about. >> leona says this is her most personal album to date. >> it's very human album. you know, i put all my emotions out there, and i definitely f l it out there for people to ing through the exact same m things as everyone else is going through, and that i wanted it to be relatable. ♪ i'm goming back stronger ♪ ♪ oh oh closed captioning provided by -- co
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us, we have a recap of this week's biggest headlines. this week's top five stories. number five, george clooney, joined by randy and crawford to promote their tequila company, and george photo bombed romantic moments, and the ashley hack madson candal. >> oh, god. we don't have romance. right now, we don't sleep in the same bed. >> a new report claims an e-mail account linked thes former jersy shore star's husband to ashley madison. >> she denied the story, but not this reality star. >> josh, married to real housewives of new york star told e.t. he did sign up for ashley madison. >> quote, i signed up for the site foolis with a group of friends and deeply apologize for any embarrassment or pain i brought to my wife and family. hlynned down on live tv.list >> around this time that we
12:38 am
witnessed gualison park african-american and adam ward. join us in a moment of silence. >> the gunman, a former reporter at the station. >> we were focused on consoling the staff. >> nick gordon visits the grave of his ex, and the video only seen here coming up. and the number one story this week, josh duggar. new claims the star cheated on his wife with this adult film star. >> hey, everybody. just wanted to say hi. >> danica dylan allege she had sex with josh on two separate occasions while hi wife was pregnant. >> i'm about to take a shower. >> josh entered rehab reportedly for sex addiction, and go to se. also, we saw this wedding shot this week, tracey morgan tieing the knot with is long time fiance, it's on,
12:39 am
and 14 months after the horrific car cras hat to see he's happy, was fighting for his life, and now for wedded bliss. later marrying is sofia, and the bride-to-be was trying on gowns and spilling the details. >> hi, i'm shooting the wedding here in los angeles. ♪ >> it's to the your traditional bridal look, but she is stunning in a lilac dress with plunging neckline and sequence. >> she thought it was a very sexy dress for a sexy bride. >>'s our exclusive look at what she could be wearing when she walks down the aisle. >> we could expect it to be a hugging dress because she knowst what looks good on her, and that definitely looks good on her, loves the look of the red lip, which is modern and exciting for her. >> color is the trend for bride this season, but she went
12:40 am
classic white for the cover shot, and judging by this picture instagraming of joe this week, he sproves. when we asked are they having parties, she said, they are not celebrating not being single anymore. they are really happy, and you can see apthat. >> the palm beach resort in florida is where they say i do, and inviations are reportedly out, and over 300 guests are on the list. >> a lot of people coming in from south america and from europe, and then he has a good size family as well. it's going to be a big bash. >> it's going to be a lot of people. has to be a lot of people, i tried, like we sat down, try to do 20 and 20. and it was, like, impossible. it's going to be big. >> during our interview, she joked that reese witherspoon offered to help, but found out how many people were coming and chickened out alittle. >> she loves kate, a big part of
12:41 am
the wedding day, so there's a big cake and a lot of dessert. >> handling the details with the help of a professional planner but there's one thing left up to joe. >> charged with picking out the music. the first dance is about him. she joked if up to her, she be dancing to pit bull. joe is on that one. >> that should be fun, and while we look forward to joe and sofi enjoying the first dance as a married couple in november, this december, one hollywood pair is celebrating ten years of wedded bliss. matt damon and his wife, we talked to matt about his enduring love and how it all began, the secrets summer 's hottest couple. >> you have your tenth wedding anniversary this fall, i think. what's the plans? >> we're goingof the to be doin bourne movies. i hope to have the night off for dinner or something. >> you met your wife in a bar, a restaurant osomething? >> yeah. >> do you remember the moment?
12:42 am
what about you struck her, why did you pursue? >> i don't know if anything about me strr her, but she struck me. i don't know, z'man, it was lik the room lit up or something. it was really weird, and i'm not -- i don't go in for that kinduck thing, but what can i say, it happened to me. >> it was love at first sight, and now after nearly a decade of marriage and three kids of together, they keep it hot by enjoying the unexpected things in life. >> do you remember your first date? >> awalk through prague. that was not the first date, necessarily, but that was the first kind of thing we both agreed was more romantic than expected. >> for george in a mall, it's about looking good, loving life, and being a total gentleman, and, well, the secret is simple. >> dude. >> what's date night like? >> eat. >> yeah. >> pretty much eat. >> i the same as everybody else. other than the water slide,
12:43 am
which we do every night. no. yeah. we go out, go to dinner think a. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> e.t. online caught up with the party celebrating jason walsh's new fitness , rise nation. the question, when is baby number two coming? >> hopefully one day it will. >> i don't know when. we have to getstudiocompetition some point, but maybe not. we're not going to tell you guys when we do it. >> justin and jessica give back. the two are expected to make their f red carpet appearance as parents given the installation award, and last year, robertsirst was honored, giving advice. >> remember each other. when you go to sleep at night, think to yourself, tomorrow i'll love everybody i see a little bit more >> oh, well, julia celebrated 13 years of marriage to her husband just last month. congrats. on the way,.sive video, nick gordon's emotional visit on
12:44 am
the one month's anniversary of u bobbi kristina's death. >> was this staged? >> she's in a better place. >> hang tight fo
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12:47 am
good-bye, and we have the exclusive video. ♪ nick came prepared with red and pink roses and a folder fill with photos of him wiand bobbk. ed removed sunglasses, wiped hs eye, and sat quietly. he spent an hour at the cemetery. he was somber, emotional, he and sometimes speaking softly, touching the spot where she rests in peace, but, of course, this is not nick's first time at the grave. >> his feeling is completely surreal. >> i miss you. she's in a better place than we are. >> back in october 2012, nick went with bob to visit the site for the first time eight months after she died. the entire houston family was
12:48 am
there. >> i can't push myself to leave bik. >> i don't know how this happened, but it happened. his is the hardest thing i'llh. ever have to encounter, ever, in my life. >> that moment filmed for the houston's lifetime series, and now in the new video we obtained, we have to question its motives. there are various camera angles so it clearly looked staged, and we know gordonet up other opportunities for the camera. he's the target of a wrongful death lawsuit and believes to be strapped for cash. >> for as ss i can remember, nick has been there. nick has been my backbone. he's saved my life at this point, you know, he's been everything forlong ame. >> bobbi k. and nick made it seem like everything was okay in their relationship, but the details from a lawsuit m u question what happened behind closed doors. it's alleged that on january 31st, nick had been out all night on a cocaine and drinking
12:49 am
binge. there was aake yo 30-minute arg with bobbi, he gave her a toxic cocktail, and she was found later in the bathtub with a swollen mouth and hanging tooth. >> i've been sober other than that. mom, i would never hurt anybody. >> i know, i know. >> like, i love people. i love babies, everything. >> like, my heart hurts.>> i have panic attacks. >> these are the different faces of nick gordon. on dr. phil, he's broken, doing drugs, and having panic attacks. in the lawsuit, which nick lawyer's called a fictitious assau assault, he's portrayed as a man with a temper and addict, and at the grave site, he's a lonely man filled with remorse and s sadness, missing the person he loved, the image is full circle, whitney, bobbi k., nick, and the tragedy of it all. >> it's not easy looking down
12:50 am
that ground knowing that woman you spent the past 18 years of your life with is gone. ctual day of the wake last month, nick gordon and his mom reportedly paid tribute at a a> straight ahead, dion's revealing conversation with me about how her husband is doing with his cancer battle. >> treatments in boston >> this summer. they were tough treatments. >> then, our exclusive with underwood ahead, her concern of. >> never the same emotionally, physically, mentally, like, you're changed forever. >> that's ahead, but first this weekend in the entertainment tonight, which actress attended high school with rapper snoop d high school with rapper snoop d dogg? you're down with crestor. yes! when diet and exercise aren't enough, adding crestor lowers bad cholesterol up to 55%. crestor is not for people with liver disease,
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don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive . machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. fibromyalgia may have changed things but with less pain,or use i'm still a doer. ask your doctor about lyrica today. lyrica, move forward with less fibromyalgia pain. ♪ >> that is the incomparable celine dion back on stage after taking care of her husband going through a brutal cancer battle. told me how his love helped her go on. ♪ you are safe in my heart ♪ ♪ and my heart will go on and on ♪ >> he's been there for me all m
12:54 am
life, and i've been there for him all my life, and we are still together in this, and sharing that passion together is wond ♪ in my life we'll always go on ♪ >> how is he feeling today? >> he's feeling erful.od. two months back, he was worried, is he going to be there? am i going to want to do this? he's great today. he's such a great fighter. >> forgobetter or for worse, in sickness, and in health, those are the vows they made 20 year ago, and they will not let anything, not even cancer, break their bond. >> today was a good day, and embrace it becau we don't know about tomorrow. ♪ because you loved me >> he's been fighting so hard. i know that he went through semmer.nts in boston this >> yes. >> how did those treatments help? where is his diagnosis now?
12:55 am
suhave to go back to see where we are at, but he did so well, that, you know, you don't push the envelope with more because you're getting >> we . like, every week, and there were tough treatments, and it got better, and normally it's supposed to start, i'mbetter rer this, and them it weakens you up. it did the opposite. today, i can tell you, they were impressed. through this year, i've been quite creative, and i don't know where i found the time. >> today, celine spends her day acting as a nurse who is still on a feeding tube. they are always sure to put on a theirface for the sake of three children, 14-year-old, and almost 5-year-old twins. >> i had breast cancer last ncer. and i lost my dad to colon i've been where you are. and going through all of that, as a mother, all you care about is your husband and your kids,
12:56 am
ca and their well being. as a mom, you don't think about yourself. >> yes. you have to think about yourself a little bit, but you're right. you have to find inner strength. you have to be strong for them to feel that i got ya. i got him. we got you. we're all in this together. and you know what? it's going to be just fine. ♪ because i'm your lady >> it's actually renee who wanted her to return to the stage, the loving husband who wants his wife to continue to live her best life even though he may be close to death. he's with you in the arena. >> he's here now. >> thursday night, he was not able to physically be there, but he watched. she told me before the show, they had a plan. >> even if it's in the living room with mykids, he'll see the show live. >> sitting there with her was incredible. seeing her strength that she still has, despite it all, and fans, there will be n music
12:57 am
soon. she told me she's working on two albums, one in english, one in french, and when lyrics comes to her, sheew sings them into a digital recorder. ♪ i don't drink >> speaking of music, that's carrie underwood, they had a son six months ago, but, man, you'd never know it watching her in the new video smoke rings," promoted that online, and look how it all came together behind the scenes. ♪ said i don't drink ♪ but sometimes i need six string ♪ >> i kind of feel like everybody expects motherhood to complet a change me as a writer and as an artist. i feel like it just adds another wonderful dimension. >> wearing her oely off shorts and serious sky highs, her umbrella holder spent two days in the desert shooting the first music video as awn cutmom.
12:58 am
the baby was on set hanging out with daddy on the tour bus. ♪ when the sunsets >> the fact she's back to work an looking amazing six months after baby, we broke down her stayingd true to yourself. number one, take time to take care of you. >> after becoming a mom, you're never the same, emotion physically, mentally, you're changed forever. but as far as feeling good about myself, it was easy to feel lik, myself again. >> she teases the hair, puts on the smokey eye, and dressed in something that made her feel good. >> it's so important to make time for yourself each day. i know we're all stretched very thin and wear a lot of hats as wi justd moms, and, you know, we have our jobs, and daughters and friends and all that, we have that hobby or, you know, get that timeves an to workout
12:59 am
having coffee with your girlfriends, it makes you feel better about your day. >> it's interesting. this fiery look did not make it into the video. tip two, let things go. >> i'm not sitting back and make a whole album of mommy songs, you know. it's really important to me to stay true to who i was before, but now i have this other piece of my life. ♪ i don't drink >> tip three, incorporate the ones you love into everything you do. >> when you get married or fall in love or have a baby or whatever giant life moment that way into things that you do creatively. >> for her newid album out octr 23, she wrote a song. >> we wrote a song for the little man. i actually was trying to resist just happened.
1:00 am
it was really organic, and i think it's going to be a really cool thing for him. that'sbut it his song. i can't wait to see how everything turns out, but what i saw so far looks azing. ♪ sometimes i need a >> she did a facebook q&a fans. i love that about here's what we learned. her favorite past time is cooking and working out. going together nicely. her ice cream is mango
1:01 am
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travel considerations provi- stars celebrating birthdays this weekend. on saturday, leah michelle turns 29, and which actress attended high school with rapper snoop dogg? that's cameron diaz turning 43 on sunday. happy birthday to all. monday on "e.t.," taylor, britney, miley -- >> so many amazing hits. >> vma's red carpet fashion faceoff with oure queen. >> you should have seen the
1:04 am
detailing on her boots, you guys. >> and the pop star who broke our seat heater, plus -- >> an amazi styl performance. >> with demi after hitting the stage as bieber brings sexy back. did he go too far? mongn "e.t." >> almost out of time this week, for the latest breaking nday obsite, >> before we go, check out the video of the weekend, her song, a huge hit this summer, "can't feel my face,". >> the first number one wed, beauty behind the madness. >> enjoy it and the rest of your weekend, everybody. bye bye. >> hibye. ♪ but i love it ♪ oh i love it ♪ i can't feel my face when i'm with you ♪ ♪ but i love it ♪ but i love it ♪ but i love it but i love it ♪ ♪ i can't feel my face when i'm with you ♪ ♪ but i love it ♪ but i love it ♪ i can't feel my face
1:05 am
♪ when i'm with you ♪ but i love it ♪ when i'm with you babe ♪ but i love it ♪


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